Someday Coming Round: Deviant Twang Revisited

someday-coming-round1The second in the deviant twang compilation series, released sometime around 2005 (if my failing memory serves me correctly.) On the whole, this one is much more cohesive--if less ostensibly "twang-y"--and likely the last compilation I'll ever put together, grace willing. It's striking how anachronistic a CD-R comp seems a mere four years later, but for as much as putting these together was a pain in the ass (burning hundreds of copies off with every computer conceivably available, silkscreening covers one by one, affixing CD labels,) there's a lot more charm to the process than dumping a zip folder up on Megaupload. So, here's a zip file of tracks. Progress! Someday Coming Round: Deviant Twang Revisited (zip file) Track List: 1. Mule Train - Dead to Rights 2. The Devil Makes Three -  Bangor Mash 3. Clampitt, Gaddis and Buck - Wayward Brother 4. Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - Fire in the Sky 5. The Jewgrass Boys - Jim McCann 6. Boaz Vilozny - Not in this Town 7. Power of County - Preacher Man 8. Emily Herring - Doc Bronner 9. The Juanita Family and Friends - Song of Mihitabel 10. the Strangers - Outskirts of the City at the Edge of a Desert 11. The Younger Brothers - Easy Son 12. Kids on the Couch - God 13. Steven Griswold - Needle and Twine 14. The Jesus Chords - When the Man is Getting You Down 15. Rum and Rebellion - San Luis Waltz 16. Meg Woodruff - Sunshine This one got a fair amount of press given its provenance, including a feature in the Metro Santa Cruz (once again, before I began contributing, but not my long.)  For posterity, press clips below:

"It's the kind of album that reaffirms your faith in country music and makes doing this radio show possible."Silverfish in the Kitchen Radio

"It's rare to find a compilation worth listening to, where only a couple of tracks stand out against a dozen other B-sides. It's even more difficult to find a decent country music compilation, a genre so vilified because of mainstream vapidness and patriotism. Someday Coming Round is an ideal primer for those who can't get past Travis Tritt, and even for those who don't have Bocephus's entire discography...Do yourself a favor and get this comp, and then do yourself a bigger favor and buy the respective records of all the bands on this comp."Punk Planet # 72

"The phrase “deviant twang” sums up the very essence of this sampler’s sound—it’s a little bit honky-tonk, a little bit rock ’n’ roll and whole lotta dirty. Alongside some of our already established favorites, such as “Dead to Rights” from Mule Train and “Bangor Mash” from fellow local deviants The Devil Makes Three, Someday Coming Round brings us some of the greatest sounds from up and down the West Coast." Good Times Santa Cruz

Also, credit where it's due, the cover was designed by myself and the emitable Daniel Strong, and printed (by printed I mean photocopied and colored in with Sharpies when the silkscreen didn't register right) by the two of us over beer, Vicodin, and marathon sessions of Six Feet Under DVD's.