Lonesome Brothers: Live at the Poet and Patriot

Boaz Vilozny is the best songwriter to ever give up music in favor of organic chemistry. His songs are terribly, painfully, brilliant. For years, he and I played together intermittently as the Lonesome Brothers. There’s a demo tape in my possession that we made way back in 1998, and if I can find a tape deck in the next decade, I’ll post it here. In the interim, a handful of tracks that we played live at the Poet and Patriot in Santa Cruz, in an incarnation of the band that included Pete Bernhard and Cooper McBean of the Devil Makes Three on bass and drums, respectively. Since we practiced approximately three times before this show, I’m only posting the songs we played sans major mistakes to avoid any DMCA takedown notices from friends. Boaz has a few new songs up on Indaba music, check ‘em out.


Lonesome Brothers - Live at the Poet and Patriot Nov 2, 2002 (zip file)


California’s No Place for Cowboys
Be On Your Way
Waiting All Night