Vienen – Silent Partner

vienen So it’s 2001, I still haven’t gotten over the X-Files ending, so I named a musical project after an episode title. With that geeky admission out of the way, this is a full-length that I recorded of electronic indie rock, or at least that was the intention: with some separation, I can see there’s plenty of long-dormant goth influences creeping out here. A very small handful of people contend that this is the best thing I ever recorded, at least among the very small handful of people who actually heard this. I still like it a lot, with a few caveats, one of those being the vocal effects, which were over the top and mostly a result of my lack of confidence in my singing voice at the time. Also notable in that it includes the only song I’ve ever written about sex—awful, terrible sex at that. Downloads after the jump!

Download Vienen - Silent Partner (zip file)

Track List:

1. Patience
2. A Rope To Cling
3. Daguerreotype
4. Trout
5. Song About Fucking
6. Alkaline
7. Desperation
8. Whiskey Coma
9. Silent Partner
10. Geistschiffe