Jam Her Like Jelly

jam-her-like-jelly Perhaps the greatest musical project in the history of post-Sinatra pop-rock music, Jam Her Like Jelly was an artistic collaboration between Aaron “Stout” Thompson and myself, with occasional input from Rain Kernytsky. Taking its name from an E-40 song (“Carlos Rossi”, to be precise), Jam Her Like Jelly was the product of Stout and I ingesting whatever intoxicants were at hand (other than marijuana, which we hated,) and ad-libbing with Acid Pro, a prehistoric drum machine, assorted musical instruments, and our own vocal stylings. We touched upon some notable musical genres, including reggae, gay bar techno, noise-rock and Civil War-era marches. The veritable music of the spheres resulted when we turned our focus on a number of recurring lyrical obsessions, including: making fun of stoners, complaining about coffee shop customers, Stout’s patriotism, and gay club music.

For the uninitiated this may be less amusing than annoying, so tread warily, or cut through the chaff and download the greatest product of this collaboration, “Patriot”. [mp3 download]

For the less faint of heart, full download after the jump:

Download The Compleat Jam Her Like Jelly (zip file)

Tracks in the download:

I Like Weed
Don’t Put That Sausage In Yr Mouth, Mrs. Niederlander
Bruce or Betty