tunguskaone Sort of a proto-mashup project, before the mashup was born (or at least before I was aware of it.) This one’s held up rather well: a mixture of samples, loops and live instruments, and tons of shit that amused me at the time (and continues to amuse me.) Features Whitley Strieber talking about abductions over some goth shit, Green Day riffs mixed with samples of drunk rednecks hollering about buttsecks, a mashup of Weezer and Eazy-E, R.E.M. guitar lines over jungle beats, a Battlestar Galactica ‘79 sample, and other fun stuff. Ahead of its time, I tell ya! I believe this was originally burned on a 2x CD burner on a 333 mhz HP Pavilion. I didn't eat decently for weeks—perhaps  months--after buying that.


Download Tunguskaone (zip file)

Track list:

1. Statement of Purpose
2. Motherfucker
3. Impala
4. Tuskegee
5. See ‘Em Coming
6. Comin’ Up
7. Metal Up Your Ass
8. Mathematix
9. Looming