Paul M. Davis

Santa Cruz’s Sound and Fury

PUTTING a retrospective of the Santa Cruz music scene into print is probably asking for trouble. After accepting this assignment, I posted a one-line status update…

Fiction: Life on Mars

I walk into compartment three, and there he is, space trousers around his ankles and cock in hand. Let loose on him this time. Told him that if I ever saw the shriveled little peg ever again, I would cut the goddamned thing off with pliers. The crew has had an agreement this entire mission, to wait until the others are sleeping, and to do it as covertly as is possible when you're sharing a tin can 23 million miles from Earth's surface.

In Defense of Slow Reading

To paraphrase Rick James via Dave Chappelle, “Internet’s a hell of a drug.” Like James’ storied cocaine habit, it’s addictive and alluring, its benefits debatable. I…